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That occasion. Finally she made a move and crossed her arms in a brazen act of defiance. It was a confrontational pose that Nate had no idea how to interpret. Was it out of a feeling of guilt, or because of being accused of something? Even though he hadn't directly accused her of anything yet. Whichever it was she'd picked up on his accusing tone and was poised, ready to fight--even if he wasn't. I don't see why that's any of your business, Nathan, she said. Nathan. Only his mother had said his name in such a way when she'd chided him for being naughty as a young boy. He wasn't the one on trial, regardless of how he was being made to feel. His confidence began to turn inside out as it imploded in a frenzy of panic and worry. Please Helen, it's important, he said, less adversarial than before. Fine, she replied. Nate google was sure he would never want to be up against her in business. She showed an admirable ruthlessness, which in the face of his accusing tone had hunkered down for the coming storm. She wasn't giving anything away. Stuart asked me to give the guy some paperwork. What on Earth is so interesting about that? And why is it so bloody important to you? She said. The sides of Nate's head began to throb. He could feel his temples pulsating from a sudden rush of blood. Without thinking he opened his mouth wide and let whatever words he could find just bellow out of him. The floodgates no longer held back the torrent. Because that guy tried to fucking kill me, he said. Helen froze on the spot, unable to react while the sentence slowly sunk in. After a second or two she raised her right hand to cover her mouth. Yet there was no angry stare apartamente or defensive posture this time, only a blank face that had lost its colour. No armour remained, it seemed he'd stripped her of it entirely. As soon as the words had left Nate's mouth, he'd regretted them. He'd wanted to break it to her gently, not shout it at her in a blind temper. He was having a hard enough time sustaining his own confidence, the last thing he needed was to shatter hers. No, she said, as apartamente her eyes began to well up. That's not true. I'm afraid it is, L'Armin said, having sensed the tension had built up a little too much. We each saw it happen. He gestured to Cameron. Why would he do that? Why would anyone apartamente de vanzare apartamente de vanzare bucuresti bucuresti try to hurt you? Helen said, still half covering her mouth. Nate couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her entire body had been rocked by his words and no longer stood as straight as before. He could see that her hands had begun to shake ever so slightly too. Again his anger had burst through unexpectedly. It had required all of his remaining energy this time to prevent it from escaping entirely. He apartamente de vanzare bucuresti only wished he could lock it away deep inside of himself and never let it see the light of day again. The stress he'd suffered had allowed his emotions far too much freedom of late. Still his outburst had apartamente de vanzare bucuresti at least served its purpose, however unplanned it had been. The reaction he watched was exactly what he needed to see and to hear from her. There was obvious pain in her words, she didn't apartamente de vanzare bucuresti want to see him dead after all. The guy just strolled in and then, bang. Cameron slapped his hands